My experience with Jana was phenomenal.  I must admit i was a bit apprehensive in the thought of parting with my sons clothes.  I was so delighted when Jana contacted me and told me it was done and on its way back to me!  I cried with happiness when i opened the box.  The quilt was even more beautiful than i imagined.  I cannot express in words the gift the Jana gave me in making this Quilt for me.   This is definitely one of my most treasured possessions.    I love that i can now hug my quilt and touch Caden's sweet little shirts next to me.


Yoli Johnson

My quilt was a gift from Jana that I gifted to my husband, Lucy's dad. I picked the t-shirts that meant the most to him. We wrap up in the quilt often. It makes us feel close to her. Lucy's cats also curl up on it when we are not home. The quilt allows things that Lucy cared for and wore leave a legacy - just like her. I'm glad they are not packed away somewhere and I was not nearly ready to give them to anyone. Thank you, Jana, for our precious gift.  

Vashni Marie Nilon

I met Jana David through FB on a closed group for parents of children lost to Cancer. Cancers of all kinds. 

Jana had posted a quilt that she made for the mother of a young child. I remember looking at the picture and thinking about how amazing it would be to have one.

I was so scared about losing anything that belonged to my sweet Elyse. I contacted Jana about creating my quilt, and told her all about my anxiety. 

It took me a couple of weeks to get the courage to send out the t-shirts, but I did it with a lot of help and comfort on Jana's part, she assured me that she had not lost a package yet. As soon as the package made it to her she let me know right away THANK GOD I could breathe...

I couldn't wait to see what came of Elyse's clothes. About 2 weeks went by and there it was the box I had been waiting to get back. I opened the box with tears in my eyes, absolutely amazing is the best way I could put my feelings. 

"I have felt so separate from life and from the life of my daughter, until I could literally wrap myself in her" 



Roaring for A Cure

Kim Driscoll 

I had a wonderful experience . I saw Jana had posted on Facebook that she was making quilts for the next 30 people. As I did not know her personally. I hurried to reply not knowing if was going to be accepted. Much to my surprise,  I was accepted and not only that, but it only took like a week and a half or something to get my blanket back,  she is insanely quick. My quilt is more beautiful than anything I could have imagined ! The quality, the durability,  and all the wonderful memories it brings of my angel. I still get emotional thinking about how she did this for not  only me, but So many others as well. A gift of healing!  Since then we have kept in touch and met in person as well. Jana is so selfless, she is an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you so very much for everything.  Thank you again,  best regards Frankie Lee.